This page is dedicated to the fans of Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator who like flying the Luftwaffe fighters, and perhaps also to theses who prefer to shot them down. It's aim is to discuss the way of flying theses aircraft with some success in the multiplayer games.


Combat Flight simulator features three Germans airplanes of that era: the Messerschmitt Bf-109E-1, The Bf-109G-6, and the Focke-wulf 190A-8. The majority of the CFS pilots liking the German airplanes will feel some frustration, not being able to fly the latest models in combat, like the 109K-4 and the 190D-9 (the same with the British planes, with no Spitfire Mk-XIV nor Tempest!). Anyway, the planes available are not outclassed, despite the opinion of the vast majority of CFS users, if they're flown skillfully. I like theses birds, because they're challenging to fly, and because once you start to master their intricacies, they start to be rewarding.

Easy is boring... This is the reason why I fly as much as possible in the 100% realism mode, and I choose the Luftwaffe fighters as war-horses.

Bf-109E and Bf-109G



Multiplayer missions



CFS2 airplane

Map of Fighter Command July 40


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